Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Firefighter Tries to Save Dog

An off-duty firefighter who performed mouth-to-snout resuscitation on a terrier poodle is being heralded as a hero.Steve Quick spent about five minutes doing CPR on Diana Bolger's dog, Brandy, after it was struck by a car at the corner of Park Avenue and Billard Avenue in Mount Pearl Thursday afternoon.

The animal wasn't breathing and didn't have heartbeat, but by blowing through its nose, the firefighter revived it.

His efforts gave enough Bolger a chance to spend a few minutes with Brandy before the dog succumbed to its injuries en route to the nearby Sunrise Animal Hospital."I was fascinated, overwhelmed. I think (Quick) is a hero," says Bolger. "I thank him with all my heart and soul that he is such a compassionate human being that he would help out an animal."

When contacted, Quick lived up to his surname, promptly dismissing the praise."Oh God, I don't want to be called a hero," says the member of the St. John's Regional Fire Department."That's a bit much. I'd never pass by an animal in distress like that."

Quick says he is simply an animal lover

That's one modest human. Anyone who tries to save a dog's life is a hero in my eyes. You need fast thinking to do CPR on a dog. It is quite sad that Brandy didn't make it.

Woof! Woof!

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